SW Uses Storyline To Teach Math

X-Zone: A Math Odyssey, a DOS-based mathematics program, teaches pre-algebra concepts to students in grades 6-9.

Students follow a story about orbs that have either negative or positive energy, learning integer operations in an innovative environment. Animated graphics and visual aids help teach lesson topics, which include addition of integers, subtraction of integers, multiplication and division of integers, and evaluating algebraic expressions.

Practice sessions and challenging games provide additional motivation. A teacher management system lets one set mastery levels.

X-Zone monitors student progress and adjusts speed and difficulty accordingly. It includes a supplementary student workbook, and is available in lab and network configurations. William K. Bradford Publishing Co., Acton, MA, (800) 421-2009, www.wkbradford.com. D

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.