Tiny Microbes Are Focus of New CD

Peregrine Publishers has released Microbe Zoo, a CD-ROM aimed at showing middle and junior high school students how the unseen world of microbes affects their own health and helps maintain a healthy environment.

The software offers an introduction to 140 microbes in 22 habitats. The program links to a complementary Web site at www. microbezoo.com and also links to Peregrineís educational Web site, The Biology Place (www.biology.com).

Key features of Microbe Zoo include a collection of 140 photographs and micrographs, a lab book providing more information about the microbes and habitats and a comprehensive glossary of over 500 entries, many with audio pronunciation.

For integrated productivity, a photo album allows users to create and save a personal collection of micrographs, as well as take and save notes. And a searchable microbe database called Crobe 2000 lets students find microbes by name, kingdom and type of microscope needed to view them.

Microbe Zoo, developed with support from the National Science Foundation, is the collaborative effort of over 50 biologists and other experts at the Center for Microbial Ecology at Michigan State University. It includes four detailed lesson plans, as well as guides for another 13 lessons. Single copies and a 5- or 10-pack set are available. Peregrine Publishers, Wakefield, MA, (888) 827-7483, www.peregrine-pub.com. WM

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.