CAD Series Targets A/V & Comm. Engineers

VidCAD PowerTOOLs is a series of CAD programs specifically for designing communications facilities.

One package, Level 2: VidCAD Diagram Tools, includes an extensive library of over 12,000 models of communications equipment.

Its optimized user interface makes it easy to document complex facilities. Thus, engineers can sketch complete diagrams and concept drawings for audio production, audio contracting, computer LANs, post production, telecommunications, teleconference systems, TV and video facilities ó all without typing or drafting.

The program extracts equipment reports from each drawing, placing the manufacturer, model, system name, product type and comment fields into FoxPro or Excel reports.

Another title in the series, Level 3: VidCAD Diagram & Rack Tools, adds rack and architectural diagramming ability. The 3D drawings look like the real equipment, giving communications engineers unprecedented realism when planning studios. Animation tools enable quick creation of simple walk-throughs.

Both Level 2 and Level 3 VidCAD PowerTOOLs are powered by a run-time version of AutoCAD Release 13. There are a total of six levels of VidCAD programs, including Designer Toolkit, MasterDesigner and more. VDP, Inc., Las Cruces, NM, (800) VIDCAD-6, W

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.