CD Puts Culture Into Context

Culture 3.0, an interdisciplinary guide to Western Civilization, represents nearly two decades of research by Walter Reinhold of New York University and other prominent scholars. The CD-ROM surveys 3,800 years of culture through essays, graphics, maps and melodies.

Rather than indexing information alphabetically, the program supports open exploration, allowing students to see how various developments influenced, and were influenced by, the religious, social, historical and scientific currents of the time. This structure helps one understand the ìbig pictureî and acquire contextual cultural literacy.

Besides thousands of pictures, the new version has added many profiles of artists, writers, composers, philosophers, theologians, scientists and historical figures. Using the CD-ROM, students can answer questions such as ìWho were Louis XIVís royal colleagues?î and ìWho were Shakespeareís fellow writers?î

Teachers may introduce Culture 3.0 as a supplementary learning tool in a variety of curriculum settings. Cultural Resources, Inc., Cranford, NJ, (908) 709-1574, [email protected].

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.