Control Many Cameras From Single Interface

ParkerVisionís CameraMan Shot Director gives one person the ability to control the movement and settings of up to 16 separate cameras from a single interface. As a result, educators can conduct video presentations or distance learning with less equipment and technical personnel.

Shot Director is compatible with all existing CameraMan camera systems including the 3-CCD model, which utilizes three-chip technology to produce more accurate color and clearer pictures. (Those who purchased older CameraMan systems may need to obtain an upgrade kit from their authorized reseller.)

The controller works over a standard daisy-chained network, and cameras can be placed up to 2,500 feet apart without degrading the data transmission. The Shot Director operator may use the joystick to manually pan and tilt the cameras, switching between them by pressing a button. LCD menus provide real-time camera status indicators.

Some of the adjustable functions are pan/tilt direction, pan/tilt limits, maximum pan/tilt, maximum zoom speed, color bars on/off, contrast and brightness. Shot Director also stores and recalls up to 125 location presets (99 for 1-CCD cameras).

In addition, through patented AutoTRACK technology, one camera can follow a speaker around the room while the operator controls other cameras that focus on props or the audience. The system allows one to program in parameters defining where the person appears onscreen while the camera is in tracking mode. ParkerVision, Jacksonville, FL, (800) 532-8034,

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.