Physics SW Lets One Explore Via Animations

The Physics Electronic Academic Reference Library for Simulation (PEARLS) is now available in Version 3.0.

PEARLS contains 35 independent simulations and animations that address subjects typically found in an introductory physics course. Topics include coordinate systems, optics, fluid mechanics, modern physics, relativity, waves and vectors.

Students can interact with simulations by changing variables and initial conditions. In this capacity, the software serves as a ìvirtual laboratoryî where students can run experiments, take measurements and plot graphs.

They can also perform what Albert Einstein called ìgedankenî experiments ó ìthoughtî experiments impossible to conduct in a real lab, including changing the fundamental constants of nature.

Everything needed to use PEARLS in the classroom comes in the package, including an extensive experiment book with ready-made student worksheets. All the labs can be run simultaneously; users are only limited by the capacity of their computer.

Single-user copies, lab packs or site licenses are available. A ìno-riskî guarantee comes in the form of a full refund for packages returned within 30 days. Physics Academic Software, Raleigh, NC, (800) 955-8275, WM

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.