Speed Read & Boost Comprehension

Ultimate Speed Reader
Grade: 9 -- Hi-Ed
Platform: Windows 3.1x/95, Mac

Speed Read & Boost Comprehension

Trying to absorb the myriad sources of information presented during the day? Want to speed students' reading comprehension? Check out Ultimate Speed Reader, from Davidson & Associates. It offers various activities that help develop a range of reading speeds for different reading purposes; for example, one will want to use a different approach while reading technical materials versus reading a memo.

The software features paced and timed reading activities, and automatically adjusts the training program as reading skills improve. In addition, reporting features and graphs assess reading speed and comprehension, and chart learner progress.

Over 200 reading passages, in different styles and formats, are presented, and instructors can import any reading passages or text files. New comprehension questions can also be added for the new passages. Ultimate Speed Reader includes unlimited toll-free technical support. Davidson & Associates, Inc., Torrance, CA, (800) 545-7677, www.education.com.

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This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.