Students Learn to Cope with Anger & More

Sunburst Video Series

Grade: 5 -- 12

Platform: Videotape

Students Learn to Cope with Anger & More

Sunburst Communications' new character education and conflict resolution series of videotapes includes 12 titles designed to appeal to streetwise students and minority and urban youth.

The videos are written, produced and directed by two African-American independent filmmakers, Douglas G. Watson and Lorna E. Green, whose credits include "The Cosby Show," "Do The Right Thing," "Mo' Better Blues," "Jungle Fever," "Malcom X" and other projects. Watson and Green bring their personal inner-city experiences to life in these videos, which feature situations, settings and dialogue familiar to students.

One of the titles, "Just Chill!," which shows students how to deal constructively with angry feelings, gets a thumbs-up from Pat Fisher of Hillview High School in Santa Ana, California. "Just Chill! has the best information on anger management I've seen for teens in my 30 years of teaching," she said.

Other titles in the series include the double award-winning Real People: Teen Mothers and Fathers Speak Out, plus GangsÖ You Decide, The Unseen Power: Peer Pressure, Respect: Keep It Real and more. Sunburst Communications, Inc., Pleasantville, NY, (800) 431-1934,

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This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.