TriniCom VC Units Connect Rome and New York

St. John's University, in Queens, N.Y., recently purchased five Sony TriniCom 5000 rollabout videoconferencing systems for use in distance learning and administrative applications. The units include built-in four-party multipoint conferencing functionality and Quartet continuous presence capabilities, allowing four compressed, full-motion, split video pictures to be displayed on a single monitor.

"St. John's prefers to direct resources to the classroom instead of expenses such as air travel," said Richard Lejeune, assistant director for computer operations at St. John's Staten Island campus. "With the TriniCom 5000 system, our students can now attend classes on a global scale [while reducing] the university's operating costs." The videoconferencing units connect instructors and students on campuses in Staten Island and Queens, N.Y., and Rome, Italy. Sony Business and Professional Group, Montvale, NJ, (800) 686-SONY,

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This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.