Book Covers Site-Based Professional Development

Technology can allow the transition to student-centered learning, a change that will often draw in even hard-to-reach kids. A new book, Using Technology in the Classroom, was expressly written to show how to change the way administrators, teachers, parents and students think about the teaching and learning process. This book offers specific planning and teaching strategies, plus advice on materials selection, implementation and evaluation.

This guidebook discusses:

  • children's visual education;
  • conceptual manipulation on the Internet;
  • using sound in school projects;
  • the need for culturally relevant learning activities;
  • the spreadsheet as a problem-solving tool; and
  • cultural lag and educational decisionmaking

The book was edited by Dr. LaMont Johnson, Professor of Education, Dept. of Educational Counseling and Educational Psychology; Dr. Cleborne Maddux, Professor of Education; and Leping Liu, Graduate Assistant, Information Technology in Education Program -- all from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Using Technology in the Classroom (ISBN: 0-78900352-x) serves as an excellent resource in showing administrators, school board members, teachers, and university support faculty how to work together to design and use technology in the learning environment. Site-based professional development experiences that teach teachers how to use technology, multimedia, and telecommunications in the classroom are a first step for making technology a standard component of today's education system.

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.