Collier's Is Now on CD-ROM

Collierís Encyclopedia ë98
Grades: 3 - Hi-Ed
Platform: Windows

Collierís Is Now on CD-ROM

Sierra On-Line and P.F. Collier have teamed up to produce Collierís Encyclopedia ë98, a three CD-ROM set that contains 17 million words, 17,000 illustrations and photos, video clips and animation, and more. A virtually unabridged version of the comprehensive print encyclopedia named "best of the big [print] sets" by Kisterís Best Encyclopedias, Collierís Encyclopedia ë98 includes all of todayís ubiquitous features like Internet connectivity, updated information on the firmís Web site, and a comprehensive search engine.

Unique to this program is a fractal image format that permits extremely detailed images stored at multiple resolutions. Users can enlarge photos up to four times their original size and see greater detail rather than bigger pixels. And, Indeo video compression gives a larger screen area and higher frame rate when viewing video and animation.

Collierís Encyclopedia ë98 has many activities for students, including a virtual chemistry lab, physics lab, and a geology lab. Another activity lets students explore musical orchestration, and yet another teaches world geography. The price for this collection is around $80. Sierra On-Line, Bellevue, WA, (800) 757-7707,

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.