Kids' Accomplishments Profiled on New Series

"Home Improvement" star Taran Noah Smith has been signed on to host a new Web/television project called GreatKids Network. This weekly magazine-style show highlights contributions that kids make every day to their families, communities and schools.

For example, one of the stories covered surrounds Plugged In Enterprises (PIE), a business started by high school students in East Palo Alto, a low-income, high-crime rate city in California. These students develop and maintain Web sites for individuals and corporations, gaining income and experience at the same time. Another episode relates the story of Hawaiian high school student Ariel Gold, who initiated a theater program for elementary school kids with behavioral problems.

At the end of each show, host Smith points viewers to the GreatKids Network Web site, where additional activities inspire kids to get involved in their communities and schools. For more information on the GreatKids Network project, visit Tam Communications, San Jose, CA, (408) 279-2400.

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.