Take Classes Anytime on the Virtual Campus

The Virtual Campus (VCampus) from UOL Publishing allows any school or university to create an online system of training using the Internet or an intranet. The firm developed the concept in response to a growing demand for convenient, persistent training for working adults.

Staffed by a team of publishers, educators, business managers and technology experts, UOL maintains one of the worldís largest online courseware libraries. The library is frequently augmented, and courses can be customized to meet the needs of any academic institution.

VCampus provides access to Web-based courses, the option to add proprietary courses, and a comprehensive array of back-end management systems -- for registration, online payment, transcripts, data analysis and assessment. All courses will have a common look and feel, allowing students to concentrate on the content.

After registering, each student receives a personalized class schedule. Once instruction begins, a Course Mapping System reveals which modules or lessons have been completed. Administrators can track the progress of hundreds or even thousands of students, and quickly generate performance reports. UOL Publishing, McLean, VA, (703) 893-7800, www.uol.com.

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.