Unit Boosts University's Broadcast Program

Using NECís TeachingPro 5000, an advanced teaching podium for distance learning, instructors at George Washington University (GWU), in Washington D.C., can give lectures worldwide without leaving the premises, or learning complicated new equipment. The TeachingPro 5000 is a portable teaching podium designed to work with a classroomís existing computer and telecommunications equipment, providing two-way, interactive video, audio and data communications.

To take advantage of the unitís advanced features GWU transformed its existing television broadcast studio into a distance learning studio, keeping their professional broadcast equipment. Now, distance learning classes can simultaneously be broadcast to remote sites and professionally recorded for future university use or broadcast on cable networks.

GWUís TeachingPro 5000 is equipped with a computer, VHS unit, 35mm video slide projector, annotation light pen, and a document camera with built-in light source. These teaching tools are familiar to most instructors, so the need for full-time technicians to service distance learning equipment vanishes. For more information on how to integrate the TeachingPro 5000 into your schoolís distance learning plans, call (800) TEAM-NEC. NEC America, Inc., Irving, TX, (800) 388-8888, www.nec.com.

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.