Author "Shocked" Web & CD Content

Director 6 Multimedia Studio
Grades: 11 -- Hi-Ed
Platform: Windows 95/NT, Macintosh

Author "Shocked" Web & CD Content

For educators looking to create interactive CD-ROM- or Web-based multimedia, the recent release of Macromedia's Director 6 Multimedia Studio promises to make their job easier. The software includes many enhancements and features aimed directly at speeding up content creation and delivery.

New Streaming Shockwave paves the way for Director animations to be played over the Internet without Web surfers needing to wait for the entire file to download. Files can now be delivered efficiently over small bandwidth connections while still retaining their full interactivity. Developers will enjoy Director 6's improved interface, while time-based objects, drag-and-drop objects and scriptless authoring give novice and pro alike equal access to the program's powerful authoring capabilities. Expect to receive an animation performance improvement up to 40% via support for Intel's MMX.

The Director 6 Multimedia Studio is bundled with Extreme 3D 2, a modeling, animation and VRML package; Macromedia xRes 3, an Internet image tool; SoundEdit 16 2 for Mac users; and Sound Forge XP for Windows users. Macromedia, Inc., San Francisco, CA, (800) 326-2128,

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This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.