Reading Program Offers a Turnaround to Challenged Learners

Developed in collaboration with Vanderbilt University, Scholastic READ 180 is a research-validated reading intervention program proven to improve reading results of struggling students in grades 4 and above. The program combines interactive motivational technology, high-interest leveled reading libraries and audiobooks, all designed to provide balanced intervention for students who face significant reading challenges.

Scholastic READ 180 lets teachers instruct the whole class, small groups or individuals via whole-class literacy instruction, modeled and independent reading, instructional reading via software, and small group instruction for targeted skills and reading fluency.

The program is available in two stages: Stage A for grades 4-6 and Stage B for grades 6 and above. It includes informative video segments that pique students' interest; software activities with leveled text and individualized instruction; audiobooks that provide modeled, supported reading; diagnostic assessment software and user-friendly teacher management tools; and much more. Scholastic, Inc., New York, NY, (800) 724-6527,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.