New Releases

Create Multimedia Tests for the Web

A new version of Question Mark's Perception will enable teachers and trainers to create multimedia quizzes, tests and assessments for the Web. Perception V2 replaces Perception V1.2, with numerous improvements and additions. A multimedia wizard has been added to enable teachers to build sound and film clips into questions, bringing multimedia question creation to the fingertips of even the most inexperienced user.

A new assessment tool called Enterprise Reporter offers more summaries than the standard Reporter and is faster and more flexible. It lets you set security levels to allow participants, instructors and administrators view the information that is pertinent to them. A dynamic filtering tool is also included to enable educators to set filters on date, participant and group on the fly, rather than having to pre-set them in reports.

Question Manager, Perceptions' question creating application, now lets users create several new question types. In addition to Hotspot questions that use graphics, fill in the blank and matrix questions can also be produced. Also included are the standard forms like text match, explanation, multiple choice, multiple response, numeric and selection questions. Question Mark, Stamford, CT, (800) 642-3950,


This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.