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Kid-Compatible PC Learning

K.I.Ducation from Multimedia K.I.D. integrates a unique PC-compatible child-computer interface and dozens of accessories with 105 software titles. Over 1,500 hours of interactive activities encourage inquisitive young minds to explore the sciences, language, technology, math, music, transportation, seasons, nature, geometric shapes, arts, the home, workplace and more. It engages children in creative, charming animations, video clips, dialogues, riddles, and music, providing continuous interaction with the system.

The heart of the program is an Activity Center, which connects to one of the computer's COM ports. This center has a colorfully illustrated interactive panel with various touch keys and large, illuminated arrow keys. The panel replaces the keyboard and mouse and the Center also contains an 'activity mat' framework. The system is provided with five interchangeable activity mats, 228 illustrated word, mathematical, symbol and number cards, 48 double-sided wooden blocks of different colors, shapes and sizes, 12 specially constructed plastic dice, 70 musical notes and 346 3D paper models. Multimedia K.I.D., Petach Tikva, Israel, 972-3-9307302,


This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.