Discourse GroupWare Classroom Improves Teacher/Student Interaction

Focusing on the relationship between teacher and student as an important factor in improving student performance, Discourse Technologies, Inc. is releasing its new Discourse GroupWare Classroom. The program can be used with any subject from elementary to post-secondary school. Rather than isolating selected students from the rest of their classmates, Discourse GroupWare Classroom enhances the interaction between students and their teacher. With this system, each and every student is connected to the teacher through a classroom computer network. Teachers can use the program to review answers from all students during a lesson, monitor student and group progress, and perform a variety of testing and administrative functions.

The Discourse program is available in two versions: the Browser version, for classrooms in which students are using networked laptop or desktop computers; and the Wireless Studycom version, which uses portable computer terminals that are connected through a built-in wireless infrared network. Both versions help integrate the Internet and multimedia content into the teaching process. Discourse Technologies, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, (800) 421-0941, www.discourse.com.


This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.