Guaranteed Quality of Service from JDL's Connecting America's Schools Initiative

JDL's Connecting America's Schools guarantees Quality of Service for school district's technology-based infrastructure, including networks and Internet access. JDL will work with a school team to analyze and assess their current educational technology implementation and help document and understand their situation. The goal is to help build a long-range technology plan and design effective solutions that meet projected curriculum, instruction and administrative needs. The new program guarantees up-time for K-12 teachers and students on educational networks.

JDL's technology-based solutions can be installed in a variety of network hardware and software, with services that have an E-rate SPIN. After the installation is complete, JDL ensures that the new technology resources are properly implemented. Their training courses for educators can be personalized and customized to specific needs of the school and staff. Ongoing support is provided to maintain the network. JDL's initiative further examines each aspect of a school or district's technological endeavor, such as dial-tone reliability, and provides the framework for a complete approach to realizing educational technology goals. JDL Technologies, Inc., Edina, MN, (612) 946-1810,


This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.