Networking - DataFast D-101 from PubliCARD

DataFast D-101 from PubliCARD is an advanced hand-held hard drive duplication tool that is able to copy the image of a hard drive for backup or later analysis. This small, light and fast duplication and diagnostic tool is able to transfer data at speeds in excess of 400MB per minute. It also has bi-directional data transfer capabilities, can transfer from dissimilar drives, and is compatible with any PC operating system. The D-101 can transfer data through an IDE interface or parallel port.

The "Smart Copy" operating system is designed to permit the unit to work with all PC operating systems, offering automatic load-size detection and drive geometry independence. It is also designed to ensure that the target drive is fully formatted and that its partitions are properly scaled before it is loaded with the master image. Lightweight and durable, the system comes equipped with a fan cooling system to ensure data integrity and to prevent the hard drives from overheating. PubliCARD, Inc., Fairfield, CT, (203) 254-3900,


This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.