Production-Level Scanner Scores High with Brigham Young University

The admissions office at Brigham Young University in Utah receives an estimated 25,000 applications for admission every year. These applications, which are between 8-10 pages each, include student essays and letters of recommendation. University officials estimate that admissions and records department employees access these records at least 10 times in the processing life cycle. Because the personnel needed to be able to retrieve this information easily and quickly, administrators at BYU sought to streamline the process through the use of document imaging.

A scanning system was installed in 1994; however it proved to be inadequate. The scanners didn't have a document feeder for unattended scanning, and the original scanner read in single-side feed only, requiring staff members to re-run batches to turn paper around or to correct misfeeds.

The search for a dual-sided scanner led them to Fujitsu's M3099. According to Mark Crowther, software engineer at BYU, this production-level scanner has significantly increased productivity because of its dual-sided capability, reliable paper-handling capabilities and fast scan rates.

"Our chances of a good scan of 50-page batches with other equipment was about one in four," says Crowther. "Not only were the other scanners we tried much slower, we also had to scan batches up to four times each to get the job done. Fujitsu's M3099 has really worked well for us."

Versatile and Reliable

A line of high-performance scanners, Fujitsu's M3099 series offers scan rates of up to 80 pages simplex and 120 images per minute duplex. The series was designed to streamline document imaging environments through features that include a 1,000 page automatic document feeder (ADF). The ADF allows users to load more documents for unattended scanning.

Additional features include: a pre-picking function to prepare the next document for reading while the current document is scanned; three built-in page counters for easy monitoring of scanned batches; a double-feed detection capability that eliminates missed images by alerting users if more than one sheet is pulled through the scanner; and an optional post-scan ink endorser that marks each document to make sure it scans successfully.

To ensure superior performance, reliability and service, Fujitsu backs each M3099 scanner with a one-year, on-site warranty. Additionally, every M3099 series scanner comes with one free cleaning kit and one free consumables kit.



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This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.