20th Century Day by Day Brings History to Life

DK Interactive Learning, a leading publisher of educational software, has released 20th Century Day by Day, an engaging and thorough collection of the news, people and events of the past century. In addition to its 1,150 news screens of stories, 20th Century Day by Day brings together the most unforgettable video clips, audio clips and photographs of the century.

The comprehensive database brings to life the events that shaped our world: the Wright brothers’ first flight, the suffragist movement, and the fall of the Berlin Wall, to name just a few.

A calendar and a timeline help to organize the century’s stories, and a special section provides detailed coverage of eight of the most influential events. A biography section introduces the user to 110 of the century’s most celebrated individuals. In addition, the software provides a direct link to 20th Century Online, for updates on news occurring after the software’s release. DK Interactive Learning, New York, NY, (888) DIAL-DKP, www.dk.com.


This article originally appeared in the 01/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.