Internet Resource Offers Services for Teachers

In its first year online, TeachersFirst has proven to be a popular and useful Internet resource. Billed as a one-stop resource for K-12 educators, TeachersFirst gives teachers access to training, forums, professional contacts, humor, briefings and classroom ideas. Organized references provide teachers with quick access to lesson plans and relevant links. Each resource is selected and examined by a reviewer with classroom teaching experience. Reviewed resources are grouped by subject and grade level so teachers can find what they need easily.

New content is added to the site daily, and a free electronic newsletter keeps teachers abreast of the site’s new areas and content additions. TeachersFirst is a free service, and receives over 1.5 million hits each month. Of respondents to a recent survey, 96% said that TeachersFirst had helped their teaching.

NITV, the nonprofit learning technologies corporation that hosts TeachersFirst, has also updated its own Web site, The site includes a Resource Room, giving visitors the opportunity to locate and download information on Instructional Television Fixed Service (IFTS). The site provides teachers with helpful information concerning educational programming and its uses. NITV’s site also includes VideoFirst, providing current program offerings, samples, schedules and series descriptions. NITV, Inc., Reston, VA, (703) 860-9200,

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.