PC Software for Beginners

For newcomers to computers and the Internet, Teknimedia Corp. offers a series of interactive CD-ROM tutorials to build computer literacy. PC100 — Basic Skills teaches elementary skills for working in a Windows environment, such as buttons and icons, windows and menus, and starting and exiting programs. PC101 — Computer Basics teaches fundamental computer concepts and terminology. Topics include hardware and software, memory and storage, and circuit boards. PC120 — The Internet is designed to teach beginners all of the concepts and skills necessary to use Netscape Communicator.

All three programs include several highly interactive exercises that let learners practice every skill that they are taught. Other features include quizzes, a table of contents, and online help. Each copy of the program maintains records of up to 30 different students. The programs provide solid introductions to computer technology, and allow students to work at their own pace, repeating lessons as many times as necessary. The programs are suitable for computer novices ages ten to adult. Teknimedia, Bethesda, MD, (301) 656-5934, www.teknimedia.com.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.