On the Web


Schools nationwide can raise funds in their communities with GotSchool Fundraising. Through this service, community members can shop at any of over 80 popular online merchants, and up to 15% of what they spend is given to the school of their choice. GotSchool Fundraising provides schools with local marketing materials as well as other fundraising ideas and suggestions.



ePALS is one of the world’s largest K-12 electronic pen pal networks, connecting 1.5 million students from 115 countries. Teachers can register a free classroom profile, and search for pen pals based on many criteria including age, grade, geography, curriculum and languages. By making friends around the world, students can learn about world history, culture and the emerging global community.



This Web site from the Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education at Stevens Institute of Technology acts as a user-friendly interface for educators. The site helps students and educators around the world connect and learn about science, mathematics and other technology. The site introduces several Internet applications, which go beyond simple research activities to integrate technology into the science classroom.



Topics Online contains stories raising issues of current interest to students and educators. Visitors to the site can read articles, visit a teacher guide area, and download samples from Topics Magazine. Subscribers can take virtual field trips, submit student work, and get writing prompts for student essays.



Education World recently launched the Grants Center, a site where educators can find original articles, reviews, and other resources to locate funding and financial aid sources needed to bring technology to their schools.



This site offers current, practical content explaining everything from how the engine in your car works to what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold. The site offers simple explanations for complex subjects, and was recently named the Reference Site of the Year for 1999 by LibrarySpot.com.

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.