Generate School Revenue with a Web Page

Framecast Communications has developed the Wired College Network (WCN), an Internet community focused on enhancing the value of schools' existing Web sites. The WCN offers schools new sources of revenue through advertising, sponsorships and partnerships. This online community hopes to generate school revenue beyond the costs of site maintenance, so that schools may apply the additional funds to other programs or administrative needs.

Affiliate members of the WCN will receive free access to Web portal tools and services designed for a college audience. Such services include research tools, search engines, calendars and scheduling tools, Web-based e-mail for college affiliates, customized links, moderated topical forums, and live broadcasts of speakers and celebrities. A chat study group feature allows students to study either with others from their own school or across the WCN. Interactive voice chat, powered by AudioTalk, enhances this feature. WCN's home page offers additional links of interest to students, on topics such as academics, college resources, and computer technology. Framecast Communications, Inc., Lenexa, KS, (913) 888-0067,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.