New Products - iParrot from Macsense

Macsense has introduced iParrot, a speech recognition headset for the Mac. Ideal for Mac-outfitted computer labs, its patent-pending "translator" provides superior noise canceling for speech recognition even in the noisiest environments. The translator is built directly into the headset, providing good audio reception by canceling unwanted background noise. This is a definite plus for voice recognition software, where distorted noises can result in increased errors.

Available for an estimated cost of $49.99, iParrot can be used with voice recognition software such as IBM's Viavoice and MacSpeech, for Mac OS commands, for security applications like voice print security for Mac OS9, and for telephony applications like voiceover IP. Macsense, Santa Clara, CA, (800) 642-8860,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.