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Software Package Depicts Literature and History

The History Through Literature series from CLEARVUE/eav consists of 12 CD-ROMs that take students on a comprehensive journey from the birth of written language to present-day literature and communications. This award-winning software uses art, music, full-motion video, maps, animation, timelines, and interviews with experts such as archaeologists, historians, and famous p'ets to supplement the extensive text and narratives. Students can easily link to glossary items, questions and answers, or an encyclopedia. A time counter and frame counter let students know how long they've been using a disc, while a history feature tracks students' use.

Extra options for the classroom include a presentation function, which lets students record, compile, and edit clips and frames from the program. Each unit comes with quizzes that allow teachers to customize their length and time and record students' scores in a grade book. The grade book also provides reports on class and individual statistics, and allows input of unlimited classes and students. The software includes a learning guide that contains outlines, disc contents and objectives, printable transcripts of feature presentations, and hotlinked glossary words.

Except for the grade book, the software takes up no hard disk space, and runs from both Macintosh and Windows platforms. The CDs are titled Civilization and Writing, Philosophy and Government, Empires of Heaven and Earth, Faith and Feudalism, Chivalry and Commerce, Renaissance and Reformation, Imperialism and Progress, New Worlds and New Ideas, Industry and Enlightenment, Romanticism and Revolution, World Wars and the Quest for Order, and Liberation and Change. They can be used separately or together, and it is easy to call up information on any name or keyword within the entire 12-CD package. CLEARVUE/eav, Chicago, IL, (800) CLEARVU,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.