New Tool Builds Standards-Aligned Instructional Plans

Web-based productivity tool provider Carlton Solutions for Education has joined with Xerox Corp. and with J. Weston Walch Publisher to provide a comprehensive Curriculum-on-Demand solution. Carlton's Curriculum Assistant is an instructional planning and curriculum management tool that offers automated alignment to local, state and national standards. This tool allows teachers to see exactly how well their curriculum maps to the standards for which they are accountable.

Curriculum Assistant is sold on an annual subscription basis to school districts as an ASP (Application Service Provider), and is accessed through a Web browser. Fully functional productivity tools allow educators to create their own documents online, print reports, and save their documents to a centralized database. The sharing of documents is restricted to the user school district.

Customizable to include locally available resources including supplementary books, local and regional media libraries and approved Web sites, this tool can manage an entire curriculum. Currently, Carlton SE offers a collection of over 700 standards-based instructional plans. J. Weston Walch has released all of their more than 1,000 books in digital form. These materials can be searched in the online Curriculum Assistant. Using Xerox's print on demand technology, a school can license each of these materials so teachers can view them online and print unlimited copies on local printers for the cost of a single book. Other publishers are expected to join the collection in the near future. Carlton Solutions for Education, San Marcos, CA, (888) 736-9272,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.