Teachers Can Learn to Integrate the Internet

An online course certificate program from Jones International University is designed to empower K-12 faculty and staff to effectively incorporate Internet learning in the classroom. Educators who complete the program's three sequential courses will earn three graduate-level college credits. The courses teach the essentials for developing and designing a Web-based course, along with instructional strategies.

Along the way, instructors will learn the history of the Internet and its educational applications, the design and implementation of Web-based course materials, and ways the Internet can be used to capitalize on mediated learning techniques and technologies.

Each of the three courses takes four weeks, and instruction is entirely online. Courses aid teachers in both local class extensions and remote content delivery. The only necessary course materials are a computer and downloadable software. Jones International University, Englewood, CO, (800) 811-5663, www.jonesinternational.edu.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.