Online AP Course Preparation

Apex Learning, Inc.’s online program ClassTools offers lessons and assessment tools to AdvancedPlacement educators. ClassTools supplements an AP course, and helps new APinstructors quickly build quality courses around proven materials. The programprovides multimedia tutorials, grading rubrics, a grade book for scoring mostactivities, and online access to assignments, independent studies, asynchronousdiscussions, unit wrap-ups and quizzes. Each course is comprised of a libraryof Internet-based lessons and assignments, which can be used on their own or inconjunction with a classroom lesson.

All courses include a teacher’s guide, testing supplements,and passwords allowing up to 35 students to participate in online assignmentsand activities. The guide includes overviews of all lessons, suggested textbooksupplements, a glossary, a unit review, quizzes, and a practice final exam inthe style of the actual AP Exam. The AP courses covered by ClassTools areMicr'economics, Macr'economics, Statistics, Calculus AB, and U.S. Governmentand Politics. All of the ClassTools materials and instruction meet The CollegeBoard’s recommendations for preparing students for the AP Exam. ApexLearning, Inc., Bellevue, WA,(425) 468-6500,

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.