Product Guides for Teachers

Scholastic has released the Scholastic Technology Guide for spring 2000. This third edition of the guide serves the needs of educational institutions by providing up-to-date information on educational technology issues, products, services and resources. It includes more than 3,500 listings, alphabetized and divided into five sections for easy reference. Educational software is organized by both subject and grade level. Also included are teacher software, administrative software, hardware and telecommunications products.

The guide is available online at as a virtual yellow pages for educational technology volume buyers. The Web version is updated regularly, with direct links to manufacturers’ product information. The print version includes a tear-out educational events calendar, color-coded tabs, cross-referencing, a special section of definitions, and complete information about products. Scholastic, Inc., New York, NY, (800) SCHOLASTIC,

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.