Linking Graphing Tools and Technical Terms Makes Conceptualizing Math Easier

Let’s Do Math: Tools and Things, a hybrid CD-ROM released by Math Resources, comprises a complete collection of interactive math tools covering the entire math curriculum for grades 4-12. This CD-ROM can be used in conjunction with NCTM-based curricular materials, including textbooks, workbooks, and math manipulatives.


A collection of interactive math tools, Let’s Do Math: Tools and Things combines a graphing package with a graphing calculator. The graphing capabilities are also linked to a database of 1,100 math terms and definitions. Hyperlinks displayed throughout the program take users from one entry to another, demonstrating the connections between mathematical ideas and principles. Many descriptions are accompanied by activities aimed at assessing the student’s understanding of the principle demonstrated. A bookmark feature enables users to develop a personal path through the program and to revisit particularly interesting or instructive materials.


Instructors may also use the program to enhance their mathematics lessons. Packaged with the CD-ROM is a 100-page teacher’s guide, which provides a list of the interactive tools provided in the product, as well as instructions for making the best use of the product in various classrooms. Math Resources, Inc., Halifax, NS, (902) 429-1323,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.