Students Learn Language Skills for a Lifetime of Effective Writing

Curriculum Associates’ new Language Skills CD-ROM, a series for grades 3-6, allows students who need individualized language skills practice to receive customized focused rehearsal, immediate feedback, and test-prep activities. Each level of the program covers 96 grade-appropriate skill sets featuring hundreds of applications. All activities are divided into three categories: grammar and usage, sentences, and mechanics. The lessons present students with one language rule, followed by examples and a series of practice activities. Exercises become progressively more difficult until students can apply the rule independently.


After completing the practice exercises, students can test their mastery of the skills they have learned by completing the test-prep activities. These drills can also be used prior to the skills exercises in order to diagnose students’ strengths and weaknesses. Hence, teachers can assess where each student needs the most aid.


Teachers also benefit from a printable teacher’s guide and a password-protected classroom management and reporting area. The reports allow educators to review entire class performance, or to monitor individual student progress through the targeting of trouble areas. Curriculum Associates, Inc. Billerica, MA, (800) 225-0248,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.