Established by the U.S. Department of Education, Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) online provides K-12 math and science educators with a central source of information about teaching materials, innovative ideas and professional development. The content of the page is divided into four categories, including Curriculum Resources, Web Links, Professional Resources and Topics.



This site offers free, direct access to a comprehensive set of teaching materials for use in both K-12 and higher education. Instructors can search for resources by grade level, subject, Adobe product, or type of material. Shared discussions among educators are encouraged with a “faculty club,” where teachers can post questions and topics. Instructional and curriculum guides can be shared among peers in the “exchange forum.” In addition, educators receive premier-level support at a 50% discount, and instructors taking part in the Adobe Certified Expert Program can gain credit for sharing their knowledge about Adobe products.



This free online destination provides resources on products, services, and the instruction of the Spanish language in English. Hundreds of companies and organizations that supply all types of products — from textbooks and videos, to Latin food and immigration help — are available. SpanishUs.com also provides bilingual learning exercises and activities for instructors to use in class and for students to practice at home.



A free, easy-to-use alternative to a Web site, eBoard.com is a great source for those who would like to post information online, but who do not have the need for an entire Web site. Using the familiar visual metaphor of a corkboard, eBoard enables users to create an online communications center complete with photos, text, interactive chat notes, file attachments and its own Internet address in minutes.



Werriam-Webster’s Word Central is a language center Web site for kids, teachers, and parents. Accessing the page provides users with a student dictionary, daily buzzwords, spelling bee quizzes, and a build-your-own dictionary option. Links to fun language activities, such as a coding chamber and a Verse Composer that aids in the creation of p'ems, are also featured.



CollegePrep-101 is a Web site targeted at college or college-bound students and their parents. Site information, divided into three categories, addresses pre-college concerns, issues students may encounter while enrolled in college, and miscellaneous information including choosing a college, financial aid, admissions standards, transitions, roommates and stress management. Students may also opt to enroll in CollegePrep-101 to receive one elective credit hour from Oklahoma State University.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.