Design Books Online

McGraw-Hill Primis Custom Publishing’s new tool, Primis Online, enables professors todesign their own eBooks from a large digitized textbook database. The comprehensive database includes morethan 230,000 textbook pages in several disciplines, ranging from business,science and engineering to the humanities, social sciences and languages. Tobuild course materials online, instructors select content from the PrimisOnline Web site. Students may then log on to the eBookstore to locate and topurchase their course materials. The eBooks are available in a secure formatusing Adobe Systems PDF Merchant. While Primis materials may be viewed incolor, they can also be customized in black and white.

To serve the needs of the MBA market, Primis Online’s MBASuite gives professors the option of customizing electronic textbooks,casebooks and readers, drawing from more than 50 leading McGraw-Hill/Irwinbusiness texts and current articles from BusinessWeek. McGraw-Hill Primis CustomPublishing, New York, NY, (319)589-2895,

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.