Increase Web Delivery Speed

Novell has announced an upgrade of the Novell InternetCaching System (ICS), giving Web managers new power to accelerate theirmedia-rich Web sites, to secure site access, to improve management ofhigh-volume sites, to filter Web content and to guarantee site up-time. The newfeatures of Novell ICS 1.3 includeguaranteed connection capabilities and media delivery. Schools and universitiescan dramatically improve the speed and efficiency with which they deliver Webcontent.
The ICS is a scalable, proxy caching appliance technologyavailable for license by Intel architecture-based 'EMs. It can accelerate anyWeb site up to ten times the performance of common Web servers, host over262,000 persistent connections, and dramatically reduce the hassle and expenseof scaling traffic across multiple Web servers. Novell ICS can be installed inany Cisco, UNIX, NT or NetWare network. Novell, Inc., San Jose, CA, (888) 321-4272,

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.