Editors' Pick: Adobe GoLive 6.0 and LiveMotion 2.0

Adobe Systems Inc., San Jose, CA, (800)833-6687, www.adobe.com/education

Adobe is offering educators a special GoLive/LiveMotion Pack for $89 that includes education versions of the new Adobe GoLive 6.0 and LiveMotion 2.0, bundled with a bonus Possibilities CD, which is packed with extras to help you learn product basics and create your own education Web site.

GoLive 6.0, bundled with Web Workgroup Server, and LiveMotion 2.0 offer education professionals a comprehensive set of Web-design tools for professional-quality Web sites. LiveMotion 2.0 fits easily into existing Flash workflows by including full ActionScript support that allows designers and developers to create dynamic, interactive and animated content in a variety of formats, including SWF and QuickTime. In addition, the entire authoring environment in LiveMotion can be automated and extended through JavaScript. The new Live Tabs feature allows education professionals with minimal coding experience to extend LiveMotion with custom tools for applying complex scripting, building animations and streamlining repetitive tasks. LiveMotion also gives developers code control by including a comprehensive Script Editor with syntax coloring, code management, and search and replace features. It also includes an integrated preview mode and source-level script debugger that supports breakpoints, allowing developers to step through code line by line to isolate and resolve errors.

GoLive 6.0 comes bundled with Adobe's Web Workgroup Server, a site management and collaboration tool that allows multiple users to easily track changes, as well as share and manage files. It also provides version control and side-by-side comparison capabilities, including the ability to roll back to previous versions. The Server supports any WebDAV-enabled application, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. Working in conjunction with InDesign 2.0, GoLive enables educators to adapt print content to the Web using intuitive XML tags. Other new Web development features include a full QuickTime 5.0 editing environment with streaming conversion and optimization capabilities. GoLive provides a visual authoring environment using video, audio, SWF, SVG and support for W3C standards like SMIL, which are supported by RealNetworks' RealOne player. In addition, the new version includes the ability to deliver database-driven content and native support for common dynamic-scripting languages.

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.

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