Life, the Universe and Mathematics

Virtual Image's Life, the Universe and Mathematics is an interactive program that explores the geometrical laws at work in the universe. The program consists of nine modules exploring geometry, science, philosophy, mythology, literature and astronomy. Each module contains a variety of simulations and images. Some graphics are interactive, others are ray-traced and still others are animated. The program also comes with a pair of 3-D glasses that brings to life the drawings and animations in the Book of Kells, Salvador Dali paintings and planetary orbits.

The software publisher also produces Art and Mathematics, which explores the influence of math on the visual arts. This program takes students on a virtual tour through the works of artists including Albrecht Durer, William Blake, Raphael and M.C. Escher. The nine modules in this CD-ROM cover Spiritual Geometry, Knots and Links, Magic Squares, Regular Polyhedra, Perspective, The Divine Proportion, The Ambassadors, New Geometries, and Fractal Geometry. Students will also learn about the so-called "father of algebra," Al-Khwarizmi, discover three-point perspective and learn how to construct a torus knot. Both CD-ROMs are targeted for the secondary level and available through Tool Factory. Tool Factory Inc., East Dorset, VT, (800) 220-8386,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.

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