Soliloquy Reading Assistant

The Soliloquy Reading Assistant is an electronic reading assistant that advances reading fluency and comprehension by using speech recognition software to provide immediate feedback to students. Students can choose to hear a model of fluent reading of their selection or begin reading independently into a microphone. When a student gets stuck on a word, the software supplies the correct pronunciation. The student is encouraged to repeat the word and read on for comprehension and fluency. Color-coding of the student's word pronunciation then prompts students to re-read the selection. If a word is unfamiliar, the student can use the integrated multimedia dictionary to get a context-sensitive definition of the word or phrase. After reading the selection aloud, students may choose to hear their reading played back, or take a quiz to test vocabulary and comprehension. Individual reports allow teachers to check on students' oral reading efforts. Soliloquy Learning, Union City , CA, (650) 352-5400,

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.