National Science, Math Resources Hit the Web

g'ENC.comIn preparation for the loss of its USDepartment of Education funding at theend of September, the Eisenhower NationalClearinghouse for Mathematics andScience Education ( has created thesubscription-based Web site g', tocontinue its role as a comprehensive resourcefor K-12 math and science educators.

At $349 a year for a school-wide license,g' provides educators with thousandsof online lesson plans and activitiesto support standards-based teaching, asearchable catalog of math and sciencecurriculum resources, an online magazine,and professional development tools. Thesite also features a section that offerssuggestions to fund the subscription.

If you’re looking for a less expensivescience tool, the National Science TeachersAssociation ( has unveiledan online science toolbox to more effectivelyand efficiently help teachers locate targetedscience content and teaching resources fromNSTA-reviewed Web sites. Organized bymajor science topics and broken down intothree grade levels, WebWatchers SciGuides( provide content specificinfo, lesson plans (includingvignettes, case studies, teacher audio clips),teacher tips, and student assessments thatcan be incorporated into classroom instruction.Currently, 14 SciGuides are available,covering a range of topics such as genetics,severe weather, and organisms, with additionalSciGuides scheduled to come out inthe fall. Each one-year subscription unit is$4.95 (member), $5.95 (non-member).

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/2005 issue of THE Journal.