EduHound Weekly: October 27, 2005

EduHound Weekly: October 27, 2005


"Democracy is the only system that persists in asking the powers that be whether they are the powers that ought to be."
  - Sydney J. Harris

Spotlight Site of the Week!  
Vote: The Machinery of Democracy
This exhibition looks at the history of voting methods in the United States and explores how ballots and voting systems have evolved over the years as a response to political, social, and technological change, transforming the ways in which Americans vote.
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Additional Sites:

Voting and Elections
Features information, tutorials, commentaries and Web links on Voting and Elections.

Commission on Federal Election Reform
The purpose of the Commission is to study the electoral process in the U.S. and make recommendations for improvements.

Building Confidence in U.S. Elections Report September 2005
...We urge all Americans, including the legislative and executive branches of government at all levels, to recognize the urgency of election reform and to seriously consider the comprehensive approach outlined herein. or PDF-format Report:

ACCURATE Voting Center
Researches ways that technology can be used to improve the voting process, develops the science that helps inform the election community and the public about the tradeoffs among various voting procedures, serves as a resource to the elections community, politicians, vendors and the public about issues related to public policy, technology, and law.

Elections...the American Way: Teacher Resources
Provides an investigation of the curricular theme, election processes, through use of primary sources from the American Memory collections.

Wikipedia: Voting system
Features a wealth of information about process that allows a group of people to express their tolerances or preferences about a number of options, and then selects an option, or even multiple options, in a way that satisfies many of the voters.

NEW Category on Awesome Clipart for Educators: AMERICANA
We've created a brand new category featuring Americana clipart, backgrounds, icons, lines and fonts -- and Tom has also created two new fonts for the election season...Enjoy!




This week features a look at the life of Rosa Parks:
Rosa Parks, whose act of civil disobedience in 1955 inspired the modern civil rights movement, died Monday, October 24, 2005 in Detroit, Michigan. She was 92.

My Story: Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks, "The Mother of the Modern-day Civil Rights Movement," describes her pivotal role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott and helps students understand the importance of every individual citizen in a democracy. Read through her story and then express how you would feel if you were in her situation.

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Calvary Baptist Academy
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Mrs. Willis's 5th & 6th
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