The Dino Digital Microscope-Webcam

THE DINO DIGITAL MICROSCOPE-WEBCAM ( is the perfect addition to any science classroom or lab looking to go high-tech. The device is equipped with both USB and TV outputs that let users see what’s on the microscope in real time on a computer or TV screen. It can also send an image magnified up to 600X into a multimedia device such as a projector, monitor, TV, or video recorder. The Dino Digital Microscope-Webcam comes with three objective lenses (10X, 100-200X, 400-600X), and includes built-in oblique and backside LED lighting and a microphone. Its included Dino Capture software makes capturing images, video, or time-lapsed video from the microscope-Webcam quick and easy. This lets students and teachers include high-quality magnified images in papers, projects, or presentations, or share findings online or via e-mail.Price: $349

This article originally appeared in the 02/01/2006 issue of THE Journal.