April 5, 2006

T.H.E. Newsletter: April 5, 2006
April 5, 2006
  • New Report Outlines High School Framework for 21st Century Learning

    The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has just issued a national report, “Results That Matter: 21st Century Skills and High School Reform” (http://www.21stcenturyskills.org/documents/P21_report.pdf), outlining a compelling framework for 21st century learning that focuses on the results which matter for today’s high school graduates. According to the report, creating high schools that truly will improve learning, achievement, and competencies demand a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills and attributes that are increasingly important for every high school student today. The report outlines the following opportunities for working collaboratively with high school reform advocates to improve high schools: a vision for 21st century learning, a set of principles that are critical to high school redesign, and next steps for taking action.

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  • Adobe Announces Education Leader Program

    Adobe Systems Inc. has announced the Adobe Education Leader program, combining the best of the Adobe Master Teacher and the former Macromedia Education Leader programs, to cultivate education technology innovations by providing educators with resources such as education software, free curriculum, training, and a forum to share best practices. The program includes a diverse group of individuals from classroom teachers, technology coordinators, and IT directors to school-, district- and state-level administrators. More than 100 educators from 32 states, Canada and the UK were selected to act as advocates, mentors, and trainers, and share their expertise and enthusiasm with fellow educators. These educators will develop standards-based curricula and educational resources that are used worldwide in the areas of 21st century digital communication skills, eLearning, professional development, and administrative computing.

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  • TrueNorthLogic to Support California's Technology Integration Planning System

    TrueNorthLogic has again contracted with the California Department of Education (CDE) to provide the technology framework for supporting, training, and maintaining its EdTechProfile (www.edtechprofile.org) site, one of the four CDE State Education Technology Service (SETS) projects. By managing EdTechProfile for the CDE, TrueNorthLogic is responsible for providing a non-proprietary and vendor-neutral solution to support a statewide education program that is available to more than 750,000 users in more than 14,000 schools and 1,400 districts. EdTechProfile is funded by the California Education Technology Office as a service to every California educator and administrator. With no cost to the local educational agencies, students, teachers, and administrators can utilize the system to access a suite of assessments and surveys developed to assess student, teacher, and administrator technology proficiency. In turn, a variety of data reporting tools and dashboards help create and measure district technology plans.

    For the full story, visit http://www.truenorthlogic.com/edtechprofile/california.pdf

  • PowerMediaPlus.com Wins Award for Best Multi-Subject Web Site

    CLEARVUE & SVE’s media-on-demand system, PowerMediaPlus.com, recently received the Best Multi-Subject Web site award for K-12 at the 2005-06 Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIES). Featuring 2,800 full-length videos, 20,000 core concept clips, 4,300 audio files, 25,000 still images, and 5,000 print resources, PowerMediaPlus.com is the only digital delivery system in the industry to offer all media types. The site's new "Curriculum at Your Command" environment provides users with lesson plan, assignment, and quiz building tools, as well as a databank of 15,000 quiz questions and 1,000 pre-made quizzes to integrate media into daily lessons. Content also can be streamed over the Internet or retrieved from local servers with user access from home or school.

    For the full story, visit http://www.clearvue.com/pressRelease.asp

  • Generation YES Announces 10th Anniversary Contest

    To celebrate a decade of technology improvement through student empowerment, 10 Generation YES licenses will be awarded to schools in order to implement student technology programs for the 2006-07 school year. Winning schools will demonstrate a commitment to improving technology integration schoolwide, either through students providing tech support, student-to-student technology literacy mentoring, or students teaching teachers technology. The winners will be announced in July at the National Educational Computing Conference in San Diego, CA. The deadline for applications is June 9, 2006.

    For more information, visit http://genyes.com/about/contest.php

Canon USA Inc. (http://www.canonprojectors.com) has released three new compact, affordable multimedia projectors: the LV-7255 (7.3 lbs.), LV-7250 (6.6 lbs.), and LV-X6 (6.4 lbs.). The LCD projectors combine Genuine Canon Optics with innovative new features such as Quick Start and Cool Down. Designed for classrooms and other locations requiring high-quality XGA resolution, the projectors incorporate impressive design improvements such as an easy to use control panel and an enhanced remote control with a new Drag mode to allow presenters to wirelessly drag and move on-screen graphics as they are presented. All three projectors are capable of projecting a crisp 100-inch image from only 9.6 feet away, and can easily connect to Canon digital camcorders and digital cameras for fast seamless video projection. Pricing: the LV-7255 is $1,999, the LV-7250 is $1,599, and the LV-X6 is $1,299.

The “Kids Go to Court” DVD from TMW Media Group is a fun, educational program that combines live action and animation to teach children about the justice system while demonstrating the court procedure through a mock trial. Through the DVD, students will learn how societal disputes result in a trial, as well as the role of lawyers, judges, bailiffs, the jury, and witnesses. After viewing the program, students will have a better understanding of the court system’s responsibility in society and the importance of trials. A “Teachers Guide” comes with the DVD. Pricing: $64.95. For more information, visit http://www.tmwmedia.com/kidscourt.html

Carly’s Kids Corner is a free, interactive Web site from The National Arbor Day Foundation that provides a variety of classroom games, activities, and lesson plans which help teachers educate students about the importance of trees and the environment.

RedZee Search is a new, free search engine for schools that filters out pornographic results while delivering accurate and relevant searches. Set up like Google, RedZee can search Web sites, video, images, and much more.

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Call for Papers!!!

THE Journal is currently looking for the following types of articles as we prepare for our 2006 issues:

  • School Perspectives —discuss a specific topic, trend, or concern about education technology.

  • Wishlist/Shortlist —a simple list of the technology (e.g., wireless, laptops, etc.) you're looking at to solve a challenge in your school/district, and an accompanying “shortlist” of vendors you're looking at to solve those challenges.

If you have a potential article, or questions about the above topics, please e-mail editorial@thejournal.com

THE Institute and AOL @ SCHOOL Offer New Online Course for Educators
“Internet Literacy – Making the Most of the Web,” is a new online course for educators interested in using the World Wide Web in teaching and learning. Designed for elementary and secondary school teachers, the course provides tools for educators to integrate technology into their curricula to improve student achievement and meet NCLB requirements. The cost is $79 per person; course moderation and graduate credit are additional options. “Internet Literacy – Making the Most of the Web," is designed to be useful both for educators new to using technology in teaching and learning and for tech-savvy veterans.
For complete course details and to register, go to http://www.thejournal.com/institute/course510.cfm.

Four Integrating Technology Courses from T.H.E. Institute
T.H.E. Institute is offering four online professional development courses to help educators comply with NCLB requirements and use technology more successfully in the classroom. The cost is $149 per course, which includes a $10 per person per course administration fee for documentation of clock hours and a certificate of completion. Course moderation and graduate credit are additional options; volume discounts are available. Anyone who enrolls in a course will receive individual access to the netTrekker site, as well as free individual access to United Learning's unitedstreaming site. In addition, special pricing is available for educators in districts that have purchased Glencoe/McGraw-Hill's TechCONNECT.

Integrating Technology in the Classroom Courses: Social Studies — Available Now; Science — Available Now; English/Language Arts— Available Now; Mathematics — Available Now

For more information, log on to http://www.thejournal.com/institute/IntegratingTech.cfm.

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