K-12 Tech Trends :: September 13, 2006


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Technology Planning: Doing the Right Thing

Today’s technology planners face a huge dilemma: Technology planning activities throughout the United States have morphed from a locally driven assembly and alignment of visions that functioned quite successfully just a few years ago, into a veritable puppet show in which the strings are being pulled by superior agencies that hold the threat of money—or the lack of it—over our heads.

This leaves us with an important choice. We can either go along with the status quo, or we can rock the boat in hopes of making things better. Yes, we can, in fact, do the right thing! However, doing the right thing is not the same as doing the easy thing—boldness and integrity are required. So, what is the right thing?...

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News Briefs

Online Professional Development Resource Launched for Arkansas Educators

The Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN), Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), and PBS TeacherLine recently launched...

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Virco Classroom Makeover Gives a Boost to Michigan School

School principals are always delighted to hear they’ve been chosen to receive a Classroom Makeover...

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TeachingBooks.net Brings Books to Life for Chicago Public Schools

TeachingBooks.net will provide more than 425,000 Chicago Public School students with...

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DyKnow Joins HELP Team to Rebuild Hurricane-Damaged Schools

DyKnow Technologies has been invited to join the Hurricane Education Leadership Project (HELP Team) to contribute...

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By the Numbers

K-12 Teachers Report Increasing Stress Levels in CompassLearning Survey

The survey, which was conducted for CompassLearning by the educational research organization Eduventures, collected 514 responses from K-12 teachers across the nation. While it may have been expected that low pay, decreased funding for supplies, or crumbling infrastructure would be the factors teachers most identified as stressors, what was most surprising about the survey results was how many of them related instead to testing and skills assessments put in place nationwide by the "No Child Left Behind" act...

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Show Me the Money

eScholar Award to Recognize Exceptional Use of Data to Improve Student Achievement

eScholar has launched the first annual eScholar (d3)M Award, created to recognize exceptional use of data-driven decision-making to expand knowledge and improve the future for K-12 students. The award is being sponsored by Deloitte Consulting LLP, eScholar’ s leading implementation/integration partner, and will be judged by an independent panel of nationally recognized experts in data analysis, education, program evaluation, data-driven decision-making, K-12 governance, higher education, and business/consulting...

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Products & Services

Dukane Introduces Interactive Whiteboard, Wireless Slate

Dukane Corp.’s Audio Visual Products Division has announced the LeaderBoard and AirSlate...

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Linworth Releases Book on Utilizing Handheld Computers in Schools

Linworth Publishing Inc. is releasing a new technology title for fall 2006, Handheld Computers in Schools and Media Centers, by Ann Bell...

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Gateway Releases Desktop With New Intel Chipset

Gateway Inc. has introduced the Gateway E-4610 professional desktop, which brings enhanced performance, manageability and security to Gateway’s education, government, and business customers...

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