K-12 Tech Trends :: January 3, 2007


Can We Have Qualifying Tests for School Board Members? (A Rant)

I just got off the phone with a colleague who had returned from a business trip. After visiting with various school districts, she presented remedial reading products to a school board in an affluent suburban school district. When she finished presenting the need for her product, the school board member asked, "Why are you bothering to build remedial reading products when there are so many kids who are performing in the middle of the pack?"

This school board member is a real estate broker. Does he know the statistics about kids who can't read properly? Does he know whether a kid is in the inner city or in the affluent suburbs? Does the school board member know that the student's life may well be determined by whether someone brings him into the world of literacy? Is this school board member qualified to serve?

Sometimes I think that all the media coverage about NCLB has made the public weary of the notion that reading is fundamental. And, for good or bad, school board members reflect the public's sentiments. So what is the process for a member of the community to become a school board member?...

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News Briefs

Sarasota County To Add 3,300 Whiteboards to Classrooms

Sarasota County School District in Florida will add Promethean's new Activboard+2 to the 3,300 classrooms in the district as part of its "NeXt Generation Learning" initiative, a strategic plan that incorporates new technologies as part of the learning process...

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Baltimore City PSS Receives WhisperPhones

The Baltimore City Public School System will receive 1,500 WhisperPhones in a donation from manufacturer Harebrain Inc., in partnership with Progressus Therapy. The donation is valued at $15,000...

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GTCO To Supply 11,700 Interactive Whiteboards to Mexico

GTCO CalComp will supply its InterWrite SchoolBoard interactive whiteboards to the Mexican government as part of the Ministry of Education's Secundarias project...

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Forsyth County Adds District-Wide VOD

Forsyth County Schools in Georgia is implementing a new video on demand and digital asset management system from Library Video Co. called Safari Montage...

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By the Numbers

The Case for Universal Preschool

The National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) has released a new report recommending universal preschool and addressing strategies for states moving toward greater access to high-quality preschool programs...

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Show Me the Money

SMARTer Kids Launches 9th-Annual Technology Grant

The SMARTer Kids Foundation of Canada has kicked off its ninth-annual Connections program for the 2007 to 2008 school year. Connections is a program that awards sixth-grade classes in Canada, the United States and Mexico with technology products and training for teachers. Application's for this year's Connections program are due March 30...

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Products & Services

Videocraft Releases 'Start Editing Now!' Classroom Edition

Videocraft Workshop has released its "Start Editing Now!" Classroom Workshop Edition, a suite of tools designed to help educators teach the fundamentals of video editing. It's available now for Mac OS X and Windows...

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ELMO Ships P100 Document Camera

ELMO USA has started shipping a new high-end document camera, the P100. The new model offers SXGA native resolution and supports HDTV output with progressive scan (720p). At present, it supports Windows-based systems, though Mac support is on the way, according to the company...

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