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01.09.2007—Apple CEO Steve Jobs today took the stage in San Francisco to deliver his annual keynote address at the Macworld Conference and Expo. As usual, Jobs used the keynote as a forum for reflecting on Apple's progress over the previous year and to introduce new and updated technologies.

Unlike keynotes of conventions past, today's event did ot include wide-sweeping announcements of computer hardware and software. Rather, it focused exclusively on consumer electronics with just two product announcements.

The major one was the long-anticipated iPhone. The iPhone is a wireless phone and handheld device that—unlike the Rokr, Apple's previous foray into cell phones—incorporates a number of Apple technologies beyond iTunes. It can run Mac OS X; it can download and play music via iTunes (and the iTunes Music Store); it uses Safari for Web browsing; and it incorporates support for IMAP, Exchange and POP e-mail accounts and supports HTML e-mail and Web-based mail. But it also offers some new and unique technologies. The device's 3.5-inch screen—which occupies the bulk of the front face—is operated via touch and includes support for gestures for controlling the functions of the phone and other features. For example, using a pinching gesture, users can expand and contract the display of elements on screen. Using a swiping gesture, users can scroll through images in a photo collection.

Other features of the iPhone include:

  • Integration of Google applications, including Google Maps;
  • A proximity sensor for dimming the display and disabling input when the phone is placed to the user's ear;
  • Built-in microphone;

The iPhone will be available in June exclusively from Cingular in two configurations:

  • A $499 version that offers 4 GB storage;
  • A $599 version that offer 8 GB storage.

apple iphone

Apple today also introduced the new Apple TV. This is a $299 device that brings video from a computer to a television set. It supports the 720p high-definition standard; offers a 40 GB hard drive; and incorporates three flavors of wireless connectivity: IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n. For wired connectivity, it includes connections for HDMI, component and USB 2.0. For audio, it includes support for digital optical connections.


The apple TV can sync content from a computer and stream content from up to five computers, including programs purchased through the iTunes Music Store. It can aso access and control photos and music.

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