Sendio Launches E-Mail Security Program for Education


3/6/2007—E-mail security solutions provider Sendio this week launched a new program for higher ed and public and private K-12 schools. The company is making its I.C.E. Box e-mail security appliance available for half price to qualifying institutions.

I.C.E. Box (which stands for Intercept, Confirm, or Eliminate) is a "hardware as a service" system designed to block all forms of unwanted e-mail, viruses, phishing, and botnet attacks. The network appliance catches first-time e-mails before they reach the e-mail system. When an e-mail is received for the first time from a sender, the box intercepts the message, flags it for special handling and sends out a request for the sender to verify his or her e-mail address. For computer-generated e-mail, administrators can create pre-authorized contacts individually or by complete address books.

"Spam attacks can be devastating for schools and colleges because they reach so many inboxes," said Kelly Anderson, CEO of Sendio, in a prepared statement. "Not only do administrators and teachers have to deal with massive amounts of unwanted e-mails, but students can also be targeted by unscrupulous scammers sending them inappropriate messages or trying to defraud them. The I.C.E. Box is the only tool on the market that can guarantee that every piece of unsolicited, anonymously sent e-mail will be blocked even before it enters a school's network."

"We have approximately 3,000 computers and more than 1,000 e-mail users--and a lot of unwanted email," said Chris Hautman, technology manager for White Bear Lake Area Schools in Minnesota. "In fact, 82 percent of our incoming messages are spam! The problem with our previous anti-spam tool was that as we tightened the filter the number of false positives increased, but loosening the filter increased spam. It was a no-win situation. Sendio solved our problem by holding unwanted messages up at the front door and only allowing legitimate e-mails to enter our mail system. Change is hard for some people, but this was one of the smoothest implementations of a new technology I have experienced."

Sandio's new education program allows schools, districts, colleges, and universities to receive half off the regular price of the I.C.E. Box through April 30.

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