Study: Schools Head Toward Enterprise Data Management


3/19/2007—According to a new study released by education consulting firm Eduventures, school districts in the United States are leaning toward an enterprise-based approach to data management, fueled in large part by NCLB reporting demands.

The Eduventures study, titled "Trends in K-12 Enterprise Management: Are Districts Ready to Cross the Chasm?" surveyed district officials to learn about data management perceptions. Of those surveyed, 91 percent said they consider it important to "integrate academic and administrative data from various district technology systems." And 90 percent said "a K-12 enterprise management approach would enable their district to be more effective on behalf of its students," according to eduventures.


District personnel also cited several perceived benefits of an enterprise approach to data management (Fig. 1). Ninety-two percent said that "stakeholder access" was an important benefit. And 87 percent cited both "reporting" and "time savings" as important.

"In a school district setting, a K-12 enterprise management platform enables district leaders and others to access, analyze, and report against a broad array of academic and administrative data and technology applications, including, but not limited to, financial, human resources, facilities management, school and student characteristics, instructional practices, assessment strategies, professional development, and student achievement results," said Adam Newman, managing vice president of Eduventures' Industry Solutions program.

The report also covers challenges in the K-12 district funding environment and the investment horizon in relation to enterprise management systems. The complete study is available for Eduventures clients.

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